Zalem or bust!

Well Alita: Battle Angel, the movie about a little cyborg that could, has captured the hearts of many during its theatrical run and is now out on home release, exciting more folks for a continuation of the story… a sequel.  We don’t currently know how many years it will be before we find out what happens next in the movie Alitaverse (which has it’s differences from the manga Alitaverse). There are also a lot of hints and foreshadowing in the Prequel and Alita Battle Angel novelisations, as well as the major story arcs in the manga that are likely to be covered next: Motorball arc climax and Zapan arc.

With all that in mind, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment of sorts.  I am writing a fanfic version of the next movie in the franchise – Alita: Fallen Angel. Now I’m no published author, but I have completed 3 novels in the modern fantasy and sci-fi horror genres, so I’m going to turn my wordsmithing to this new endeavor.

And I’d like you to come along with me.

I’m happy to have comment, suggestion, even downright disagreement about what I choose to include and where I chose to take the narrative.  I know there are as many opinions on where the next story should go as there are fans of the Alitaverse. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I am writing it.

At least it will fill in all that time before Rodriguez and Cameron give us their version.

So come back to Iron City with me.  We have a damaged Angel who is hell bent on completing her mission, even if it is 300 years late!

Alita: Fallen Angel Fan Novel (still in progress)

Author’s Note: I do not make any claim on the IP of Alita: Battle Angel, the characters used here as a homage to the original (movie, novels, OVA or Manga), nor intend to make any money from this fanfic.  Consider it free advertising, and getting the fandom interested in a sequel. Which we all want. So much so I’m writing one myself!

And to Cameron’s Lawyers – please don’t shut me down!

11 thoughts on “Zalem or bust!

    1. Hi Marvin,

      I try to get a chapter out at least once a month. Possible more, if I can find the time. It might get faster around Christmas when I have some leave time from my job.


  1. I am now torn. Through the live action adaptation, I’ve developed a passion and deep rooted desire to read the manga (already seen the OVA multiple times). But after reading the first few chapters of this fan fiction, the passion leaps right off the screen and bitch slaps my face as if Alita herself saw me…..with the motorball in hand! lol I thought I was a passionate fan? Read this and you’ll see the entire #AlitaArmy feels the same way. You are not alone. We are not alone!

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  2. You wrote more! You made my week. I am a science nerd and ‘Alita’ inspired me to do a lot of research on machine-brain interfaces. Per Last Order, Alita’s living brain was heavily modified by unknown tech long ago. Her glial cells have all been replaced with artificial living structures and her cerebrospinal fluid gels upon sudden impact. If you’re pitting her against brain-chip-enhanced motorballers, this could be helpful. I always imagined that her brain could be fiberoptic, with GMO bioluminescent neurons communicating at the speed of light through organic gossamer threads in the glial structures instead of synapsing at ~60 mph. Would explain her inhumanly fast reflexes. Modified glial cells (responsible for neuron regeneration) would also explain why she hasn’t died of old age at 300+.

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